Seventh National Energy Plan (2015-2030)

Seventh National Energy Plan (2015-2030)

MINAE, the entity of the Costa Rican government responsible for managing the energy sector, will be released the Seventh National Energy Plan (2015-2030) in September 2015, in an effort that challenges the proper integration and balance of contributions, provided by national actors and all stakeholders involved in the dialogue table ( Electricity, Transport and Fuel).

The Vice- Minister of Energy, Mrs. Irene Cañas, with a hopeful message, spoke of a National Energy Plan which may be institutionalized.

The challenge, said Mr. Jose Belfort, CEO of VERTEX and representative of Forum Future and Energy, are the risks that this project (Strategic Plan) imposes:

  1. Very complicated and complex sectoral areas that requires managing interests and expectations very careful, an art not dominated in CR unfortunately
  2. Historical gap between policies and strategies; the Central Government power is vulnerable and maintains specific knowledge gaps that could make a difference
  3. Portfolio of National Energy Plan projects and its proper management is key and involves developing new basic skills to specific knowledge and experience.

Is the need for a roadmap to propose viability of the National Energy Plan to resolve at least in part the current institutional fragmentation in Costa Rica.
VERTEX´s representative, Mr. Belfort, brings knowledge and experience to make this call an opportunity for the country, whose lessons learned will be used to boost development in other areas.

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