Vertex Innovation in Costa Rica opened a US Subsidiary (California) in May 2015 to provide holistic technical assistance, training and consulting to nonprofit and public service organizations in Community Outreach and Engagement, Fund Development and Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, Program and Project Development, Affordable Housing Development, Community Organizing and Leadership Development, Nonprofit Board Development and Training and Workforce Development and Business Development. The new USA subsidiary name is Organizational Bridges LLC, and Gregory Brown has been selected to serve as the Co-CEO there.

VERTEX Innovation ® with this high partnership in USA that raised $16.6 million dollars in grant and contract funding for nonprofits and government agencies throughout the USA for programs, projects and operating support.

Our Company is dedicated to supporting emerging leaders and executives, requiring them to display their leadership and make decisions in a prompt and effective manner that obtains and sustains success.

Founded in 1998, we initially began meeting the consulting needs companys industrial engineering processes in Central America.

In 2008 we expanded our services to provide specialized training, technical assistance and support in the proper management of projects and programs as an essential element to optimize business and organizational performance..


After three years, contributing to human resource development in client organizations, we realized the importance of providing specialized support to emerging leaders and executives to meet the expectations of the CEO and board of directors. This revelation, and expanded approach and orientation to leadership development for young executives and entrepreneurs makes our firm a valuable resource for emerging leaders, inexperienced managers, or any corporate executive or board of directors seeking to grow and diversify their skills and capacity to meet the challenges facing them to achieve the vision and mission of their organization or company.

Our Central Office provides direct support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Professionals from different and diverse specialty areas are assigned to each client to serve your specific needs and provide customized solutions.

We take great pride in historia We take great pride in being available and value added resource to CEO’s, executives (emerging or experienced), managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs, presidents, board members, community and neighborhood leaders and public officials.

We are focused on each client’s needs because we stand in solidarity with your aspirations, organizational goals and project vision. Our advantage is rooted in the insight and approach we have regarding empowering leaders, meeting expectations, displaying and emulating the highest professional values and personal attributes and always recognizing and prioritizing the needs of our clients.

“CEO’s and executives from central offices and departmental units, used to promote, without negatively affecting the “workforce” of their respective companies, qualified and reliable staff, thereby mitigating the risks associated with turnover and new appointments to the executive level.

We champion and provide the process and methodology for organizations and businesses to develop, train and mentor emerging leaders from mid-level / high-level staff, usually functional management, to an executive / directors-levels status, by providing the tools, resources and creating the necessary internal environment and policies conducive to the sustained success of emerging leaders and executives. We are able to provide this type of leadership development while safeguarding the organization or company’s reputation for quality leadership and performance.


Our firm advances and practices internationally recognized project management and organizational development best practices endorsed through the “Project Management Institute” (PMI), USA, in optimizing project portfolios with client organizations.